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Museum Exhibit Technology Inside One of Savannah's Top-Rated Attractions

American Prohibition Museum

American Prohibition Museum

"Visit our Temperance Movement exhibit and peruse through the posters, pamphlets, and propaganda that influenced the American people to vote the country dry. Learn about the prohibitionist leaders that led the fight and the consequences associated with drinking during this turbulent time in history."

Museum Exhibition Technology

The Problem

The museum would present content in a variety of entertaining ways including wax figures, environmental scenes, short documentaries and interactive experiences. One of the primary concerns involved control and management of a wide array of audio-video technology spread throughout the facility.

The museum exhibit technology would need to operate on a repeating cycle, with some exhibits triggered by motion sensors and others on a preset schedule. Minimizing the daily hassle would be a major concern for the non-technical museum staff.

The Goal

  • Exhibits should be entertaining and engaging
  • Audio-Video systems need to be easy to use
  • Reliability would be absolutely critical
  • Remote serviceability required to minimize revenue loss in the event of service issues

The Result

The AV systems at the American Prohibition Museum provide a cost-effective, immersive experience for guests, running with >99% uptime.

The facility includes multiple exhibit areas across two floors including a speakeasy located in the center of the experience.

All of the  AV systems were designed to be updated and serviced remotely via MediaMerge's technical team to ensure reliability with an absolute minimum of downtime.

The audio-video technology includes:

  • Facility-wide show control
  • Living Canvas™ talking portraits
  • Specialty video effects
  • Architectural projection
  • Small-scale theater experience
  • Theatrical effect lighting
  • Automated door controls
  • Sound reinforcement systems
  • Directional sound control
  • 30+ channels of digital video playback
  • Motion-triggered exhibits
  • Facility-wide lighting control/dimming
Museum Exhibit Technology
"In every way, MediaMerge represented cutting-edge capability with an unflagging sense of camaraderie and eagerness to make our vision a reality. With our budget, I don’t think it would have been possible with any other company."
Chris Belland - Historic Tours of America

Chris Belland
CEO, Historic Tours of America


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