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What We do

MediaMerge provides AVL systems for new construction and renovation projects. We can work directly with your church or as a sub-contractor. Technical renovation projects that do not involve major construction are often completed turn-key with MediaMerge serving as general contractor.

Design - We believe that good design is good stewardship, and it ultimately pays for itself. It’s easy to connect two devices and get a signal. The real challenge lies in identifying needs, anticipating pitfalls, providing clear communication and overcoming architectural limitations. That’s where we live.

Installation - Safety is the first concern when it comes to installation. Whether it’s hanging equipment overhead or pulling wire, our installers follow code to the letter. All wiring is meticulously managed and documented for future serviceability. We can’t wait to see the smile on your face when you see your racks for the first time.

Training & Support - Our official policy on training is that we don’t have one. If your team can’t use our technology then we have failed. Whether it’s one short training session or ten, we guarantee that your team will get the training and support they need.


Our Specializations

Audio Systems - Loudspeaker Systems | Mixing Consoles | Stage
Monitoring | Wireless Microphone & IEM Systems |
Recording | Distributed Audio | Stage Design

Acoustics - Acoustical Modeling & Analysis | Room Shape |
Reverberation Time | Acoustical Isolation | Ceiling &
Wall Absorption

Video Systems - Video Projection | Multi-Screen Video | Triple-Wide
Edge-Blending | Image Warping | Monitoring | Digital
Signage | Switching & Routing | System Calibration

Lighting Systems - Incandescent & LED Instruments | Moving Head |
Software & Hardware Consoles | DMX Distribution |
Infrastructure | House Lighting | Programming

Broadcast Systems - Cable/Air Broadcast | Streaming | Camera Systems |
Color Correction | Switching & Routing | Broadcast
Audio | Post-Production Systems & Workflow


Purchasing Process

Our projects have taken us across the country, working with a wide range of worship styles. We approach each project as a clean slate. Whether it’s large or small, traditional or contemporary, your church is unique, and we strive to understand your needs. The process usually looks something like this:

Needs Assessment - We work together to identify your stated goals and uncover your hidden needs

Design Development - Your goals are translated to conceptual designs including preliminary budgets

Drawings & Documentation - The design is formalized with drawings and schematics

Installation - Systems are built, tested and installed according to the documentation and drawings

Commissioning - The systems are programmed and tested to ensure they meet our specifications

Training & Support - Your team is trained to use the systems effectively


If you still have questions feel free to let us know. One of our AVL specialists will respond within 24 hours.

“MediaMerge worked with our team to bring together all of the creative ideas to reach our desired outcome. We have been extremely pleased with the feedback from our congregation and guests, and the new systems have been a game-changer for us. There is a new level of excitement in our media/tech and worship team volunteers because the investment took our worship presentation to a much higher standard of excellence.”
Bubba Eubank GVBC

Bubba Eubank
Worship Pastor, Green Valley Baptist Church

Why MediaMerge?

Project Experience

Our projects have taken us across the country, working with a wide range of worship styles. We approach each project as a clean slate. Whether it’s large or small, traditional or contemporary, your church is unique, and we strive to understand your needs.

Church Audio System Calibration

See Your Project Before Installation Begins

We use the latest 3D modeling technology to work out concepts in the virtual realm long before construction begins. This technology
enables us to show you a wide range of options to solve each design challenge. 

Church Stage Rendering

Systems Built for Growth

You don't invest in new technology every year, and we get that. Our creative background in a broad range of projects helps to design a turn-key AVL system that can be rolled out all at once or in phases depending on your needs.

worship pastor

Engineered for You

Selling you a system without taking into full consideration the people who will use the technology day-in and day-out is not good stewardship. We focus on finding the right equipment to meet your needs and experience level. Then we engineer the systems to be use-able by your team.

Church Production

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