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"MeadowBrook’s members and guests are astounded by the clarity, beauty, and quality of our newly constructed worship center’s sound, lighting, and streaming media. 

MediaMerge positioned the project’s success by eagerly aiding the church, architects, engineers, and construction company in all phases—from design to construction to post-completion. They were proponents and advocates for the highest quality outcome without being obstinate to the church’s budget and the project’s progress. The company proved trustworthy, dependable, efficient, and excellence-minded. They exuded everything you’d expect from a business that disciples of Christ lead. 

From the design consultation and engineering to spot-on renderings that helped us communicate well during the capital campaign to the process of budgeting, equipment selection, installation, and training, MediaMerge was dynamic. We could not be more pleased."

Randy Gunter - Meadowbrook Church

Randy Gunter
Senior Pastor

MeadowBrook Church Logo
"We have had an excellent experience working with MediaMerge on our project at the church. The MediaMerge team has so much knowledge and is willing to help us think through what is best for our specific project. One of the major impacts for our communication and fundraising was the 3D renderings MediaMerge developed of our future space. Having beautiful renderings of the worship center made our project come alive and really helped us with fundraising and articulating to our church what the space could look like."

David Thompson
Executive Pastor, Trinity United Methodist Church

Trinity United Methodist Church Logo
"I've designed and developed museums and attractions for HTA across the nation from San Diego to Boston to Key West for over two decades, and have worked with numerous subcontractors including video, audio, lighting and museum exhibition technology consultants. I have never met or worked with a media systems design company more professional, more qualified, more innovative and more accommodating than MediaMerge. They are intelligent, analytical and precise in their craft, but also are incredibly down-to-earth and excellent team players. They listen, integrate well with client design professionals, and make sound recommendations for state-of-the-art products and systems. If you have an idea, they can wire it."
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Dana St. Claire
National Director Museums, Historic Tours of America

Historic Tours of America

"When the pandemic struck, and we could no longer gather together, our mission seemed in peril. MediaMerge helped us to continue our mission by designing and installing cameras, lighting, and sound systems that enabled us to livestream, as well as record worship, inspirational speakers, music, and more, in order to stay connected to our congregation. The crew was great to work with and understood the aesthetic of our more than 100 year old building—taking into consideration not only the challenges of a quality sound system in a cavernous, stone space but also the need to blend the tools of modern technology in with the architectural design of an older church. The result of that hard work is a beautiful worship service that continues to keep people connected to The Church of the Ascension and has even afforded her the ability of growth with new members. Thanks MediaMerge, you helped us weather the pandemic and continue to share the Good News of Jesus Christ."

Rev Candice Frazer Church of the Ascension

Rev. Candice Frazer
Rector, Church of the Ascension Episcopal

Church of the Ascension Episcopal
"Our experience working with MediaMerge has been very positive. They have a very professional, knowledgeable, and flexible team. They have provided very detailed timelines for our projects in the sanctuary. The addition of cameras, live-streaming capabilities, and graphics with ProPresenter has been very meaningful to our congregation. This was especially important to our congregation when all of our services were online when we were unable to meet for in-person worship. It continues to be a valuable tool for our members that are unable to attend in person. The quality of the system MediaMerge installed working with our budget parameters is outstanding. They are outstanding at problem-solving and finding solutions to fit our needs. MediaMerge does an outstanding job with training and providing technical assistance when the need arises. I would highly recommend MediaMerge for your next project!"

Hal David
Worship Technology Chairman, Vestavia Hills Baptist Church

Vestavia Hills Baptist Church
"We approached MediaMerge with very specific ideas about the functionality we desired in an auditorium. They worked extensively with us to develop an easy to use, state-of-the-art design that met our needs, at a reasonable cost. Upon acceptance of the design and proposal, MediaMerge developed and installed exactly what we needed. The project was completed on time and on budget. The system controls are simple and straight-forward. Collaborating and working with MediaMerge on this project was a pleasant experience."
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Ryland Byars
IT Director, Medical Properties Trust

MPT Logo
"I appreciated MediaMerge’s time and patience in personally coming to make presentations on a least three separate occasions. Then taking time to answer questions in those different settings. The quality of the work and overall improvement in our sound and lighting was incredible. Several of our people immediately commented on how much better they could hear! Thank you MediaMerge!"
Screen Shot 2019-11-18 at 9.42.12 AM

Bill Price
Senior Pastor - Spanish Fort UMC

Spanish Fort UMC Logo
"Their business is Faith-based and it shows. Our project morphed into an interior design update and MediaMerge worked seamlessly with the designer, painters and carpet layers. They cared about our entire project, not just their part. They shared ideas and equipment with the other contractors. The acoustics, lighting and projection in our sanctuary are first rate and more than we could have ever imagined."
Screen Shot 2019-10-15 at 11.37.02 AM

Janet Harrison English
Spanish Fort United Methodist Church

Spanish Fort UMC Logo
"I have worked with MediaMerge in two separate installations at two different churches 10 years apart. At both times, this company provided the most professional equipment that met our churches needs. They are the best. The design expertise & the approach to helping the local church in media & sound are evident in everything this company does. Anyone considering an upgrade or a new sound system should give MediaMerge a serious look. You won’t be disappointed."
Johnny Kilgore

Johnny Kilgore
Music Director, Central Baptist Church

"I’m not sure that we could have been anymore nit picky about many of our requests and not only did they never complain, but always adopted what our vision was with the greatest understanding and were able to take our vision and make it far greater than we could have ever expected. ... you won’t find anyone who has the heart, vision, patience, understanding and drive that you’ll find when you meet the team at MediaMerge. I certainly would recommend them 10/10 times to anyone looking for A/V and media solutions."
Jeff Bush

Jeff Bush
Associate Worship Leader, Green Valley Baptist Church

gvbc logo
"MediaMerge did a fantastic job on our church remodel! They were knowledgeable, professional, and enjoyable to work with. We received the best tools and we couldn’t be happier with their patient instruction during the time leading up to and after our remodel was complete. I would highly recommend them to other churches who are looking for a high-quality A/V upgrade."
Aaron Nicholson

Aaron Nicholson
Worship Pastor, Indian Hills Community Church

“ICR has been delighted with the professional and personal relationship that we have enjoyed with the officers and technicians of Media Merge. They have worked tirelessly to produce stellar products that continue to awe our guests at the ICR Discovery Center for Science and Earth History. Beyond that, they have provided nearly instant response after opening day to find and correct the “ghosts” that exist in all complicated custom software. I have no reservation in recommending them to any potential client.”
Henry Morris III

Henry Morris III
CEO, The Institute for Creation Research

ICR Logo Color

"MediaMerge has always been easy to work with and ready to answer any questions we’ve had. They do a great job working within a given budget and are not satisfied unless the customer is. I highly recommend them for anything AVL."

Bradley White - FBC Summit

Bradley White
Worship Pastor, FBC Summit

FBC Summit Logo-1
"MediaMerge worked with our team to bring together all of the creative ideas to reach our desired outcome. We have been extremely pleased with the feedback from our congregation and guests, and the new systems have been a game-changer for us. There is a new level of excitement in our media/tech and worship team volunteers because the investment took our worship presentation to a much higher standard of excellence."
Bubba Eubank GVBC.png

Bubba Eubank
Worship Pastor, Green Valley Baptist Church

gvbc logo
"Working with MediaMerge has been a great experience for Elizabeth Missionary Baptist Church. Throughout the projects they have helped us consider a full range of options in order to make the best decisions with our sound, video and lighting systems. They’ve maintained the quality of the systems and worked with our team to make every Sunday the best it can be. If you’re considering an investment in worship technology, I would definitely recommend MediaMerge."
Vernon Swift Elizabeth Baptist Church

Dr. Vernon Swift
Pastor, Elizabeth Missionary Baptist Church

Elizabeth Baptist Logo
“Finding MediaMerge was a stroke of genius on my part. I needed a partner who could be creative, and I loved the work I had seen from MediaMerge. I found a partner that was far more creative than simply a production team. In retrospect, the value added was so far over the top I could never have even imagined it when I began."
Westy Egmont Dreams of Freedom

Westy Egmont
 Director, Immigration Integration Lab

Dreams of Freedom
"If I had to convey what I sense the overall objective of MediaMerge was during our project, it would be to provide us with a ‘total package’ that would serve us well for years to come. As far as we are concerned, that goal has been realized with great success. Would I say that MediaMerge has met all of our expectations? No,I would say MediaMerge has exceeded them. At some point in the near future, we will more than likely plan to update our Sanctuary A-V system. At such a point, there is little doubt in my mind as to who will get the call."
Alan Lott - FBC Live Oak

Alan Lott
Minister of Music,
First Baptist Church of Live Oak

FBC Liva Oak
"In every way, MediaMerge represented cutting edge capability with an unflagging sense of camaraderie and eagerness to make our vision a reality in what is certainly one of the most compelling new museums in the United States. With our budget, I don’t think it would have been possible with any other company."
Chris Belland - Historic Tours of America

Chris Belland
CEO, Historic Tours of America -
Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum

Historic Tours of America
"From the moment we received a quote from MediaMerge to the completion of the project, we were impressed throughout. It was truly a collaborative effort with open communication to ensure they were providing a customized solution that would best fit the needs of our space and our visitors. We are now one year removed from the implementation date, and everything continues to run smoothly. The A/V solution is comprehensive and includes interactive features, multi-screen displays, audio in every space, and it all works together seamlessly in a simple, easy-to-use format."
Screen Shot 2020-01-08 at 3.38.08 PM

Brian Kennedy
Assistant Dean of Admission, Samford University

"MediaMerge has provided a system that is flexible and powerful without disturbing the traditional beauty of the sanctuary. The team worked with us to provide silent retractable screens and hidden displays that enhanced the worship service without being a distraction."

Neal Patterson
Video System Operator,
First Baptist Church Decatur

"We are extremely pleased with the service provided by MediaMerge. We have saved a significant amount of money, but more importantly, our system has not suffered any downtime"

Bruce Lahti
General Manager,
World Golf Hall of Fame

"MediaMerge proved to be professional, courteous, responsible, and sensitive to the needs of our church. The system they designed and installed has performed flawlessly since day one. It was refreshing to work with people who love their job and love the Lord."

Terry Wilson
System Operator,
Bethany Baptist Church

"The reason we chose MediaMerge is the company has grown in its experience with servicing IMAX theaters over the last five years, and they obviously know how to handle the servicing and maintenance issues…They have an experienced staff that we have confidence in, and not the least of the reasons is the fact that it’s a money-saving venture for us to go with MediaMerge…"

Jim O'Leary
Senior Director,
Maryland Science Center

"I want to say a huge thank you for all the hard work, extensive help, and tremendous courtesy that you all have shown to us during our new building project. Your professionalism, enthusiasm, and great attitudes are unmatched! I can truly say that I and we could not have done this project without you, and I look forward to working with you again in the future!"

Andrew Pray
Worship Pastor, Avalon Church

"The whole experience has been great for the morale of our worship team. Everyone is excited because for the first time we really sound good. The guys at MediaMerge helped me diagnose the problems with the stage monitors and made the recommendations that, in the words of one church member ‘have made the music sound one thousand percent better.’ MediaMerge has worked with us on every level to ensure that we have the right equipment and training needed to make our sound the best that it can be."

Rob Hall
Worship Leader,
Cove United Methodist

"MediaMerge is a company that can best be described as passionate and professional. Their understanding and commitment to the total audio/video experience combined with common sense and a ‘team player’ attitude ensures successful ventures."

Harbert Cook
Site Superintendant,
Gary C. Wyatt Construction

"When I first talked to MediaMerge, they actually told me not to spend my money! We needed something we could not yet afford, and instead of wasting money buying something we would only have to replace, they advised us to just wait until we could afford to do it right. That’s pretty strange for someone who makes their living selling equipment and installs. I have used several other companies aside from MediaMerge, and, as cliche as it sounds, none of the others compare in honesty or the services they provide. If you’re looking for the best system you can find and the best service to back it up and make it work, you have to use MediaMerge."

Rodney Calfee
Worship Pastor,
CrossRoads Community Church

"MediaMerge listened to what we wanted and needed, recommended quality equipment best for our facility, and provided excellent service and training. We have had absolutely no problems. The next time we have media system needs, we’ll call MediaMerge."

Jody Baker
McElwain Baptist Church

"We settled on using MediaMerge for three main reasons. First was based on recommendations from others, everyone we talked to that had worked with MediaMerge was very satisfied with their final results. Second was their experience in working with churches. They had worked with a lot of them over the years. Finally, and this can’t be overstated we were impressed with their people when we spoke with them. And as the project unfolded we became even more impressed with the MediaMerge team. Their crew across the board was outstanding to work with. Not only did they get things done on time but they did what they said they would do.

We would highly recommend MediaMerge for anyone looking to install or upgrade their media capabilities."

Greg Rugh
Sr. Associate Pastor,
Indian Hills Community Church

"MediaMerge has been a great team to tackle any obstacles that we throw at them. When we make suggestions, they never hesitate to figure out the best way to implement it properly. The system is really simple to use, yet quite flexible in what sources we can use and manipulate. The learning curve was quite small, considering most members of our media team are volunteers."

Ben Watson
Director of Multimedia Ministries,
Mobberly Baptist Church

"We are very happy with MediaMerge as our IMAX Service Partner. Their technicians are experienced and professional. MediaMerge has provided our OMNIMAX Theater consistent technical support and a realized savings over the course of our contract."

Jackie Mollet
Director of Theater Operations
St. Louis Science Center


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