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Previous Projects

Museum Exhibit Technology
Warner Brothers Movie World
Gold Coast, Australia
Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum Project
Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum
Boston, MA
ICR Discovery Center for Science
ICR Discovery Center
Dallas, TX
Talking Portraits Museum Technology
Dreams of Freedom Museum
Boston, MA
Science Museum Exhibit Technology
Museum of Science
Boston, MA
McWane Science Center Museum Project
McWane Science Center
Birmingham, AL

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What We Do

MediaMerge's experience in the museum world has been both fun and challenging. We take simple exhibits and make them extraordinary using cutting-edge technology and our talented AVL team. We're your partners throughout the process including the creative development, the content production and the design and installation of the technology. From the exploration of the initial idea to guests engaging with the exhibits, we're with you every step of the way.


Over the last decade we’ve pioneered a number of technologies and techniques that are truly unique in their approach to solving problems in our industry. These technologies have been used in projects across the country, and a few of them are inspiring audiences on the other side of the globe.

ShowSource Media Server - To state it simply, the ShowSource media server is a very powerful computer with software that can play audio and video files for specialty cinema presentation, museum exhibits and themed-attractions. The software also includes a timeline-based show control system that can be used to automate lights, playback announcements, and trigger special effects.

Control Apps for TabletsMediaMerge has been developing control applications for sound, video and lighting systems for the last ten years, but the new possibilities presented by the advent of portable, tablet computers is truly exciting.

Blended Projection - Blended projection can often provide a great solution for projection in spaces with limited ceiling height. By pushing elements out horizontally, more content can appear on a screen without increasing the screen’s reach upward. Also, blended projection has application on curved screens and dome theaters where the unique geometry of the screen makes standard projection difficult.

Holographic Projection - Holographic projection has been used in a wide range of venues including live teleconferencing, international music awards shows, and museums. MediaMerge’s implementation of holographic projection at the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum and the temporary exhibits for the Boston Symphony Orchestra represent some of the best examples of the practical application of this technology in the United States to-date.

Talking Portraits - Imagine walking into a portrait gallery, and while you quietly contemplate the historic significance of the work, the character in the portrait springs into life and begins to speak. This twist is the reality of MediaMerge’s Living Canvas™ Talking Portrait technology. 




Museum Exhibition Design Process

  1. Needs Assessment - We work together to identify your stated goals and uncover your hidden needs
  2. Design Development - Your goals are translated to conceptual designs including preliminary budgets
  3. Drawings & Documentation - The design is formalized with drawings and schematics
  4. Installation - Systems are built, tested and installed according to the documentation and drawings
  5. Commissioning - The systems are programmed and tested to ensure they meet our specifications
  6. Training & Support - Your team is trained to use the systems effectively


If you still have questions feel free to let us know. One of our AVL specialists will respond within 24 hours.

“In every way, MediaMerge represented cutting edge capability with an unflagging sense of camaraderie and eagerness to make our vision a reality in what is certainly one of the most compelling new museums in the United States. With our budget, I don’t think it would have been possible with any other company.”
Chris Belland - Historic Tours of America

Chris Belland
CEO, Historic Tours of America

Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum

Located on the Congress Street Bridge in Boston, Massachusetts, this floating Boston Museum is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. 

  • Holographic Projection
  • Living Canvas Talking Portraits
  • Edge-Blended Video Projection

Dreams of Freedom

This museum uses interactive technology to tell the stories of immigrants through American history.  Located on the 50th floor of the Prudential Center, it's a one-of-a-kind experience.

  • Living Canvas Talking Portraits
  • Living Mirror
  • Interactive Game Show
  • Multi-Screen Theater Experience

McWane Science Center

Located in downtown Birmingham, Alabama, the McWane Science Center includes four floors of interactive exhibits that celebrate science and wonder — from an amazing collection of dinosaurs to innovative environmental showcases, imaginative early childhood playgrounds, and an awe-inspiring aquarium