Church LED Wall Cost

How Much is a Church
LED Wall?

With just a few key pieces of information, you can get instant
high-, mid- and entry-level cost estimates for your new LED Wall.

Church LED Wall Budget Calculator

Once you have entered your contact information and clicked the "Email Me the Report" button,  you will receive a report that includes cost break-downs, details about the process of buying a new system and other valuable insights for churches considering investing in AVL technology.

How much does a church LED Wall cost?

Our Church LED Wall Budget Calculator provides you with a conservative price range for use in budget planning. We include multiple factors from panels, processors, cabling and labor; however, to gather an exact Quote for your church, please Contact Us.

The pricing provided assumes no equipment will be re-used and is based on commonly requested peripherals and capabilities. So if your church is looking to start the conversation of incorporating an LED Wall into your services, check out the Calculator and let us know how we can help your church more forward in the planning process!

STEP 1: Enter the Desired Display Width

The Desired Display Width represents approximately how wide you prefer the display to be measured in feet. LED wall panels are typically available in 500mm x 500mm units, so the width of the final display may be slightly different than the desired width.

STEP 2: Enter the Desired Display Height

The Desired Display Height represents approximately how tall you prefer the display to be measured in feet. LED wall panels are typically available in 500mm x 500mm units, so the height of the final display may be slightly different than the desired height.

STEP 3: Enter the Stage Depth

This measurement should be from be from the front, leading edge of the stage to the back wall or curtain. We use this information to determine how a camera shot of individuals on stage will interact with the LED wall.

STEP 4: Enter the Front Row Distance

This measurement should be from the closest seat to the LED Wall. This allows us to determine a recommended Pixel Pitch so that the congregation cannot distinguish any gaps or lines between individual pixels.

STEP 5: Enter the Sales Tax Rate (if applicable)

The pricing provided by the calculator will include an estimate of required sales taxes based on the rate entered in this field.

STEP 6: Click "Email Me the Report."

You will receive a simple email report showing the information provided by the LED Wall Calculator for future reference.


So what's the difference between Entry Level, Mid-Range and High-Quality panels/manufacturers?

We consider a variety of factors when we categorize certain vendors and product lines. These include Reliability, Manufacturer Reputation, Customer Support, Repair Facility Location, Component Availability, etc. Here's a quick breakdown for each level.

Entry Level LED Wall Cost

Products in this category are built at the lowest possible cost. While they "get the job done", most manufacturers in this category are focused on mass-production and reduce price at the expense of quality and longevity. Quality Control is limited, long-term support is difficult (when available at all) and repair facilities are generally located overseas which causes significant delays when there are issues. They offer limited product lines, opting to streamline their manufacturing processes for as few products as possible.  In many cases, these companies have a limited track record and have no guarantee of existing long-term. Warranty periods are limited, and are only valid so long as the company remains in existence. Generally, these products are designed to last 2-3 years before significant repairs are expected. Ultimately, these lines are considered to be disposable and should not be expected to be a long-term solution.

 Mid Range LED Wall Cost

Products in this category exist to fill the gap between Custom and Cheap. Support and Longevity take a significant step upward. Individual components are selected specifically to balance cost and performance. Repair facilities may still take several months to return product; however, they are primarily based in the USA, so shipping costs are reduced. There are often several options available within the product lines offered. These manufacturers have existed for several years and have a solid track record. They focus on Quality Control as much as is practical while manufacturing their products in facilities used by a host of other companies. Warranty periods become a viable consideration when purchasing, ranging from 1-3 years. These products are generally built for 5 year life cycles before a large number of panels need to be serviced or repair.

High Quality LED Wall Cost

Welcome to Custom - these products exist in their own sphere! Ultimately, these panels are built with components built for specific orders/clients. These manufacturers specialize in superior quality, extreme reliability and rugged durability. No expense is spared, which allows for lightweight materials to be utilized. These companies have US-based Support and Repair Facilities, and often keep backup products in-stock to limit the amount of down-time if an issue ever arises. Quality Control is stringent with employees dedicated to inspecting every stage of the manufacturing process. Warranties may exceed 3+ years, and products regularly last 8+ years before components need to be serviced or repaired.

Looking to learn more about the ins-and-outs of LED Walls? We have written a 5-Part Mini-Series that covers everything from start to finish. Check out Part 1: The Basics on LED Walls.


And be sure to check out the Sound System Calculator and the Lighting System Calculator as well. We hope these tools provide valuable resources to help your church plan its next steps.

DISCLAIMER: Once again, it's important to note that a wide range of factors can profoundly affect the price of a church LED Wall. The figures provided are intended to provide a budgetary guideline to help your church begin the conversation. Do not use these estimates for establishing a final LED Wall cost.

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