Modern Workplaces and Work-From-Home: Get the Most from Your Remote Communication Setups

Posted on Jul 26, 2022 12:10:28 PM

Work-from-home, once a rarity in the business world, has become a mainstay in modern corporate workplaces. Executive leadership has become more comfortable with flexible schedules and remote meetings with clients – moving away from asking, "How do we survive the next week?" and instead asking, "What capabilities will we need in five years?"

Remote Work Challenges

Accurate communication is always critical. But communicating with remote employees and clients amplifies the need for systems capable of delivering information quickly.

How you present yourself in virtual interactions can be just as effective as in-person meetings. No one wants to be on a call that drops or watch a video that lags. Unfortunately, many business leaders are still working with little more than laptops with built-in microphones and tiny webcams. This can lead to a number of issues:

  • Poor audio environments: Offices with multiple windows and bare walls or high ceilings reflect sound and cause reverberation and feedback issues for microphones. Instead, we look to achieve audio clarity by acoustically treating hard surfaces, eliminating ambient noise from fans or other equipment, and properly placing microphones to pick up the Presenter’s voice.
  • Poor video environments: Your video environment also creates a canvas. What does that canvas communicate? A messy, cluttered background can be distracting or even off-putting. And a blurred or virtual background can feel impersonal and unprofessional. Instead, what could you advertise on your video calls in the background? What if you framed a Company Logo or your Mission Statement? Could you showcase a Project Portfolio slideshow on a TV in the background?
  • Poor lighting environments: Video in intense sunlight or heavy back-lighting can cause chaos for cameras as they attempt to properly expose the image. This will lead to video content that is too bright and washed out. Conversely, inadequate lighting will cause an image to be dark or grainy as the camera artificially increases the brightness of the image. Rooms lit with fluorescent lighting often feel “cold” or “harsh”, and cheap LED tape that’s often used to “add a pop of color” can cause banding or flicker in your video. Ultimately, proper Lighting temperatures and levels are the most important element in maximizing the quality of your video feed.

High-quality video conferencing systems communicate intentionality and a dedication to excellence. And with MediaMerge’s expertise, your remote communications can reach a global audience with crystal clear audio and video.

Options to Consider

MediaMerge focuses primarily on two spaces to help corporate entities communicate better: Conference Rooms and Auditoriums.

Conference Rooms need to take in-person meetings and video conferencing into account. MediaMerge regularly installs systems to please both audiences. For example, a brightly lit room with a large display on the wall works fine for people in the conference room, but virtual viewers need more directional lighting and audio amplification sources for clear communication with the Presenters. 

Auditoriums need to deliver clarity and quality to a centralized audience. MediaMerge installs dimmable house and stage lighting to please both digital and in-person audiences. We also install cutting-edge video-and-audio recording technology – allowing clients to create high-quality videos for classes, conferences, or other material to host or post online.

Small Steps Equal Great Setups

Hiccups are common with industry shifts like this, particularly when you start with DIY. Expect some trial-and-error as you and your team acclimate to new remote communication systems. Just know this: everyone is in the same boat when it comes to remote communication. If you stumble, people will be happy to cut you some slack.

But ultimately, remote communication is here to stay. Preparing for this new form of office life is challenging –– but it is required. In fact, many companies are going wholly virtual, so crisp video and audio presentation is no longer just a luxury; it’s an everyday necessity.

The goal is to accurately portray the quality and mission of your brand. Your online and remote communication presence has the ability to communicate that well or present that information poorly. MediaMerge wants to make sure you can clearly communicate whenever and wherever your team and clients want to meet.

When you're ready to take your systems to the next level, MediaMerge will be here to help.


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