Church Sound System Upgrade Project

GVBC completes a radical transformation.

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About the Green Valley Baptist Church Project

Green Valley Baptist Church engaged MediaMerge to replace their aging sound, video and lighting systems as part of a massive renovation of the worship center and fellowship hall.

The church seats approximately 750 and is located just outside of Birmingham, Alabama.

Church AVL Installation Project

The Problem

For decades the church excelled at choral and orchestral worship. As the community around the church began to change, it became obvious that the tools the worship team was using were not up to the the task.

A new approach to worship would require an updated set of audio, video and lighting tools.

The Challenge

  • Existing infrastructure was far outdated and needed to be replaced.
  • Modern AVL technology could not be integrated into the existing stage setup without renovation of the stage area and ceiling structure.
  • The acoustics in the Worship Center were great for choral events but presented significant challenges for modern musical presentation.
  • The church's volunteer team was not experienced with high-end systems.

The Result

The project included a complete architectural renovation of the Worship Center, Fellowship Hall and common areas.

  • Church Sound System design includes new loudspeakers in an alternating stereo configuration, a sub-woofer package for extended low-frequency response, a digital mixing console, a personal monitor mix (PMM) system, and a digital wireless microphone system.
  • Church Video System - update features a 30ft x 10ft rear-screen laser projection system with stage monitoring provided by rear projection and LED monitors on rolling carts.
  • Stage Lighting System - includes an array of incandescent conventional fixtures for front wash and color-mixing LED instruments for architectural accents with moving-head LED fixtures providing effect. A custom truss structure provides support for audio and lighting equipment above the stage area. The system is controlled with a software-based lighting controller .
  • Broadcast System - includes a digital mixing console for broadcast audio that is tied digitally to the audio console in the worship center. The broadcast video is controlled using a seamless switcher with a multi-view monitor, and the system includes a software-based waveform/vectorscope to evaluate color and exposure levels. The broadcast system is configured for live streaming of services on the internet.
  • Training Volunteers - After several weeks of training the church's tech team expanded dramatically, delivering exceptional results every Sunday.

Church Sound System Buyers Guide

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Church Sound System Testimonial
“MediaMerge worked with our team to bring together all of the creative ideas to reach our desired outcome. We have been extremely pleased with the feedback from our congregation and guests, and the new systems have been a game-changer for us. There is a new level of excitement in our media/tech and worship team volunteers because the investment took our worship presentation to a much higher standard of excellence.”
Bubba Eubank GVBC

Bubba Eubank
Worship Pastor, Green Valley Baptist Church


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