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Meadowbrook Church Emphasizes Community with New Worship Center

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About the Meadowbrook Church Project

Meadowbrook Church engaged MediaMerge to design and install sound, video, lighting, acoustics and broadcast systems in the newly constructed worship center.

The church seats approximately 750 and is located just outside of Gadsden, Alabama.

Meadowbrook Church First Service

The Problem

Almost a decade ago the church moved into the gymnasium as part of a phased growth strategy. Things didn't go as planned, and the congregation has been worshipping there ever since.

The church leadership decided it was time to build a new worship center with professional tools for worship production including new sound, video, lighting and broadcast systems.

The Challenge

  • All systems would need to deliver professional results while being run by the church's volunteer team.
  • The relatively low ceiling height of the planned facility would require special attention in order to ensure even sound coverage of the seating area.
  • The worship team included a band, choir and small orchestra, so the stage design would need special attention.
  • The lighting system would be substantially more advanced than the church's volunteers had previously experienced.

The Result

The project included new technology in the worship center, as well as, distributed audio and video throughout the facility:

  • Church Sound System - includes new loudspeakers in an alternating stereo configuration, a sub-woofer package for extended low-frequency response, re-use of the existing digital mixing console, a personal monitor mix (PMM) system, and a digital wireless microphone system.
  • Church Video System - update features a 30ft x 9ft edge-blended laser projection system with stage monitoring provided by two 80" monitors.
  • Stage Lighting System - includes an array of LED fixtures for front wash and color-mixing LED instruments for architectural accents with moving-head LED fixtures providing effect. Five batten positions provide support for audio and lighting equipment above the stage area. The system is controlled with a software-based lighting controller.
  • Broadcast System - includes a digital mixing console for broadcast audio that is tied digitally to the audio console in the worship center. The broadcast video is controlled using a seamless switcher with a multi-view monitor. The broadcast system is configured for live streaming of services on the internet.
  • Training Volunteers - After several weeks of training the church's tech team expanded dramatically, delivering exceptional results every Sunday.

Church Sound System Buyers Guide

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Meadowbrook Church Broadcast System
"A lot of design consultants will just draw up a schematic based on their idea of what would look and sound good to them. MediaMerge actually took the time to listen to our goals and even visit our services to see how they could help our new sanctuary to best serve the needs of our church.”
Daniel Doak

Daniel Doak - Communications Minister, Meadowbrook Church


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