Dreams Of Freedom

Interactive Immigration Museum Technology on the 50th Floor!

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Dreams of Freedom

The exhibits on  the 50th floor of Boston's Prudential Center celebrate the important role that immigration has played in shaping this unique city. Boston is one of the world’s most culturally diverse cities, and the museum uses the latest technology to explain how this came to be.

Blended Projection Museum Technology

The Problem

The author of the Dreams of Freedom museum sought MediaMerge out to address the unique challenges presented by such an unusual facility. All exhibits would have to be installed on the inner walls of the Skywalk Observatory.  With windows surrounding the exhibits on all sides, overcoming light issues presented a real challenge.

The Goal

  • Tell the stories of immigrants to America in a compelling way
  • Use technology to overcome extreme space limitations for exhibits
  • Develop high-tech exhibits that could be run by the facility's non-technical staff
  • Reliable system operation twelve hours a day, seven days a week.

The Result

The final exhibits included broad use of audio and video technologies to overcome space limitations and lighting issues. The installed systems feature an impromptu interaction between a pair of immigrants via talking portrait and living mirror technologies interspersed with conventional museum artifacts.

An interactive "game show" offers guests the opportunity to compete against each other and a virtual immigrant, responding to questions from the United States Citizenship Test.

A multi-screen theater experience provides the story of Boston as a city of immigrants and gives an immersive helicopter tour of the city.

Technologies used include:

  • Living Canvas Talking Portraits
  • Living Mirror
  • Multi-Screen Theater Experience
  • Interactive Game Show
  • Interactive Map 
  • Multiple Daylight-Viewable Displays
Dreams of Freedom Project
“Finding MediaMerge was a stroke of genius on my part. I needed a partner who could be creative, and I loved the work I had seen from MediaMerge. I found a partner that was far more creative than simply a production team. In retrospect, the value added was so far over the top I could never have even imagined it when I began.”
Westy Egmont Dreams of Freedom

Westy Egmont
Director | Immigrant Integration Lab


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