Who Are The Best Church Sound System Installation Companies In Alabama?

Posted on Dec 17, 2018 12:44:42 AM

Best Church AV System Installation Companies

Each year we meet with a ton of churches in Alabama looking for help with their church sound system installation. Many of our clients are required in their bylaws to talk with a number of AVL companies before making a decision. We're often asked for a list of some of the other church sound system installation companies in the area.

In an effort to help meet those requirements, here is a list of some of the audio/video specialists with history of working with church audio, video and lighting installation in Alabama.

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"Located in Birmingham AL, MediaMerge provides AVL systems for new church construction and church renovation projects." MediaMerge specializes in:

Audio Systems - Loudspeaker Systems | Mixing Consoles | Stage
Monitoring | Wireless Microphone & IEM Systems |
Recording | Distributed Audio | Stage Design

Video Systems - Video Projection | Multi-Screen Video | Triple-Wide Edge-Blending | Image Warping | Monitoring | Digital
Signage | Switching & Routing | System Calibration

Lighting Systems - Incandescent & LED Instruments | Moving Head | Software & Hardware Consoles | DMX Distribution |
Infrastructure | House Lighting | Programming

Broadcast Systems - Cable/Air Broadcast | Streaming | Camera Systems | Color Correction | Switching & Routing | Broadcast
Audio | Post-Production Systems & Workflow

Acoustics - Acoustical Modeling & Analysis | Room Shape |
Reverberation Time | Acoustical Isolation | Ceiling &
Wall Absorption


"Located in Birmingham AL, Diversified offers services like production, distribution, editing suites, digital signage, lighting and more for churches."

ESB Group

"Located in Springville AL, ESB Group provides custom audiovisual solutions for Worship Leaders and stage designers to have modern AV technology at their fingertips."


"Located in Birmingham AL, ENG AV provides audio and video equipment for houses of worship in Birmingham, Huntsville, Montgomery, Tuscaloosa, and surrounding areas."

Twist Technology LLC.

"Located in Vestavia Hills AL, Twist specializes in AV, IT solutions and LED light conversions for houses of worship."

Audio Video Excellence (AVX)

"Located in Homewood AL, Audio Video Excellence specializes in security, video walls, digital signage, conference and training rooms for churches."

Sound Solutions

"Located in Oxford AL, Sound Solutions provides media-based support to churches, music venues, and businesses."

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