Stunning See-Through Displays: All About OLED Technology

Posted on Jul 6, 2022 10:07:42 AM

Any gathering space – whether it be a church, museum, educational center, or corporate office – can utilize technology to help capture attention and communicate information. While OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) Technology has been around since 2008, recent developments have given birth to transparent OLED display panels. Rather than requiring a dimly-lit space and a large housing for a backlight source, OLED panels produce images directly onto their thin, transparent displays. Inactive OLED panels appear to be regular panes of glass… until that glass explodes in a vivid spectacle of color and imagery. Some OLED panels even support full touchscreen capabilities like a tablet or smartphone.

The "organic" in OLED refers to the carbon-hydrogen bonds within the screen. These bonds allow OLED displays to deliver a wide color range (gamut) and massive contrast. Images displayed on OLED panels are clear and vibrant even in bright environments. OLED panels also boast a wide viewing angle of almost 180°, compared to ~90° on more traditional displays.

OLED panels also have the added benefit of printability and flexibility. Thanks to these properties, OLED panels come in a wide range of affordable sizes.

Endless Possibilities

OLED panels heighten interactivity and engagement in all settings – any organization can put OLED panels to good use. Consider just a few applications of OLED technology in a variety of settings.


  • Display pre-service announcements, images, and Scripture in the lobby, commons, hallways, and waiting areas.
  • Use OLED displays on the back wall to serve as a Confidence Monitor during service.  Between services the display disappears into the room’s decor.
  • Use OLED touchscreen technology in Sunday School and youth group studies to interact with information and images to heighten engagement.


  • Replace “uni-tasker”  plaques with OLED display cases that present a plethora of information directly onto the case.
  • Build massive murals of moving images and video to immerse visitors in a specific time or a location – without building an entire exhibit.
  • Create programs and activities for visitors to touch and interact with, solidifying information through engagement.

Educational Centers:

  • Replace whiteboards and projectors with a wall of OLED panels, merging display and interactivity into one package.
  • Make game day great with OLED panels in gymnasiums – display your team slogan, school colors, and highlights from your greatest sports triumphs.
  • Liven up visitor centers with OLED panels displaying helpful information for prospective students and parents to view and interact with.

Corporate Spaces:

  • Install OLED panels onto tables to create impressive conference rooms free of scattered documents.
  • Replace office walls with OLED panels – cover them with interesting images for privacy or leave them clear to make the space feel open and modern.
  • Make waiting areas enjoyable with flowing messages, interactive company information, and video content that visitors can interact with to learn about your business.

These are only a few examples of the practically limitless applications of OLED displays. This technology is versatile, compact, and affordable – the only limiting factor is creativity.

The MediaMerge Touch

Fortunately, creativity is a staple of all MediaMerge projects. Thanks to our dedication to quality and attention to detail, the MediaMerge team can tailor any technology to any situation or setting.

MediaMerge can bring this level of ingenuity and quality to your project with OLED display panels, introducing a futuristic sleekness and interactivity with a few simple (but magical) panes of glass.

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