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About ICR Discovery Center

The ICR Discovery Center, is an interactive museum experience that explores science from a spiritual perspective. The facility encourages guests to explore Modern Creation Science through interactive planetarium shows, state-of-the-art exhibits, and live science presentations.

ICR Origins of the Universe 360-Degree Theater

The Problem

From the outset, the team at ICR made it very clear that they wanted to use technology to immerse their guests in a vast array of scientific information and the latest scientific research.

The challenge for this project would be to work within relatively small spaces to present the information in a way that is visually beautiful, emotionally engaging, memorable and fun.

The Goal

  • Demonstrate the inspiring beauty of Creation
  • Present information in novel ways that are unexpected
  • Deliver quality that is well beyond a guest's expectations
  • Create memorable environments and experiences
  • Keep guests wondering what's around the next corner

The Result

A tour through the Discovery Center lasts approximately two hours and takes guests through a variety of virtual exhibits including the 360-degree Origins of the Universe theater, the Founders of Science talking portrait gallery, holograms, dozens of lifelike animatronics, scaled recreations of Mt. St. Helens and the Grand Canyon and a host of other surprises.

The experience is designed to give guests the opportunity to explore a broad range of ideas related to scientific history and ICR's modern scientific research.

ICR relied on MediaMerge to provide a wide range of technology for the museum’s interactive exhibits including:

“ICR has been delighted with the professional and personal relationship that we have enjoyed with the officers and technicians of Media Merge. They have worked tirelessly to produce stellar products that continue to awe our guests at the ICR Discovery Center for Science and Earth History. Beyond that, they have provided nearly instant response after opening day to find and correct the “ghosts” that exist in all complicated custom software. I have no reservation in recommending them to any potential client.”
Henry Morris

Henry Morris III
CEO of The Institute for Creation Research


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