ShowSource Media Server

What is the ShowSource Media Server?

To state it simply, the ShowSource media server is a very powerful computer with software that can play audio and video files for specialty cinema presentation, museum exhibits and themed-attractions. The software also includes a timeline-based show control system that can be used to automate lights, playback announcements, and trigger special effects.


Why was the ShowSource developed?

In 2006, several IMAX theater owners approached MediaMerge about developing a sound source that could work for their venues. At the time the only technology capable of synchronizing with the 15/70 giant screen projector was being manufactured by IMAX.

As MediaMerge began developing the sound source, features were added to address other needs in the theaters. With it’s high-resolution digital video playback and sophisticated show automation system, the ShowSource evolved into on one of the world’s most powerful media server platforms.

Advantages of the ShowSource?

The server includes so many features and capabilities that it can be challenging to explain just what the ShowSource is. The server can be used in interactive museum exhibits where video playback is triggered by museum visitors. It can provide playback for a dome theater presentation of educational films, and using the show automation system it can control the motion base on a ride simulator while also providing audio and video playback.

Other features include:

  • Video resolutions up to 4K at 60fps (ideal for very large video screens)
  • Multi-projector edge-blending with camera-based auto-alignment (when multiple projectors are needed to blend into a single image. ie. 360-degree domed theaters)
  • Multi-channel audio playback (for surround sound applications)
  • Image warping & geometry correction (for video projection on non-flat surfaces such as curved walls, water, fog curtains, etc.)
  • Automation of lights, announcements, special effects, and control of almost any electronic device (ideal for 4D/5D theaters & dark rides)

Who’s using the ShowSource?

The ShowSource is currently operating in a wide range of applications including museum exhibits, 4D/5D theater experiences & themed attractions like dark rides.


  • Warner Brothers Movie World : Justice League Alien Invasion 3D – Gold Coast, Australia
  • Chicago Museum of Science & Industry: OMNI Theater – Chicago, IL
  • Franklin Institute: Tuttleman IMAX Theater – Philadelphia, PA
  • McWane Science Center: Sea Monsters/Dinosaurs Exhibit – Birmingham, AL
  • Tennessee Aquarium: Giant Screen Theater – Chattanooga, TN
  • Historic Tours of America: Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum Boston, MA
  • Cradle of Aviation Museum: Giant Screen Theater – Garden City, NY
  • Museum of Science: Bose 3D Theater – Boston, MA
  • Museum of Science: IMAX Theater – Boston MA
  • Science Museum of Virginia: IMAX Theater – Richmond, VA
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