3D Modeling & Pre-Visualization

What is pre-visualization?

To put it simply, computer-based 3D modeling is a process by which a virtual model of real world things can be designed and explored with a computer before they are built. In our case, we are often modeling buildings that don’t yet exist.

The 3D model allows us to explore sight lines, experiment with aesthetics, and pre-visualize how light will interact with the architecture, as a creative process in the early stages of the project.

It can be challenging to describe creative elements, especially light and sound, to someone effectively. Most people outside of the construction trades struggle to make sense of blue prints, let alone conceive of the nuances of a multi-sensory, immersive media experience from a written description. By creating renders and auralizations, we can reliably communicate how the building will look, sound and feel when the project is complete without the need for our clients to have a lot of experience in the construction world.
The model is created by extrapolating the information from design documents, pictures and design discussions, and entering the data into computer modeling software. Once the model is complete, virtual measurements can be taken, simulations can be run, and documents such as photo-realistic renderings can be produced to convey design ideas in an easy-to-understand way.

How does MediaMerge use 3D modeling technology?

With modern computer capabilities the possibilities for modeling are endless. We currently use 3D modeling for visual reference evaluating sight-lines for video, performing photometric calculations for lighting, performing acoustical analysis to determine acoustical treatments and to determine loudspeaker selection and placement.

How important is creating a 3D model to the design process?

Not every project requires the development of a 3D model. However, any project in which creativity is required to overcome architectural or logistical challenges will benefit greatly from this technology.

Ask any of our clients who have enjoyed the benefits of this design approach. The old axiom proves true in the world of presentation technology… a picture truly is worth a thousand words.

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